Geomatics Engineering Program Profile

Last Updated : Oct 29, 2018

Bachelor of Engineering 
+ Co-op (Optional) 
+ Dual Degree: BA Int'l Development Studies 

Lassonde’s Geomatics Engineering program will prepare you for a variety of jobs like surveying and mapping, modern positioning and navigation techniques, UAV aerial mapping, cadastral land surveys, satellite-based estimation of the Earth’s gravity field and GIS analyst.

We will get you started with the basics in geomatics, surveying and mapping, navigation, sensors, and measurements to assist in building a strong foundation in the discipline.

In third and fourth year, you will take Geodesy, Advanced Surveying, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Measurement Theory and Estimation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Survey Law and Land Registration Systems, Advanced 3D Techniques, Mobile GIS and Location-based Services, Sensor Integration and Advanced Field Surveys courses. You will learn and use advanced state-of-the-art instruments while putting your professional skills to the test.

To top it off, the co-op program after second year allows you to gain professional experience, giving you a head start towards becoming a licensed Professional Engineer. 


• Ability to apply theory learned in the classroom to course labs, projects and assignments as well
  as in extra-curicular competitions and student clubs 

• Expertise in geodesy and gravity, cadastral surveys and land registration systems, global
  navigation satellite systems (GNSS), photogrammetry and remote sensing, precise engineering
  surveys, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D modelling, digital elevation modelling, data
  visualization, wireless and web-based mapping, location-based services and mobile mapping and
  data analytics.

• Extensive experience with a range of conventional and modern surveying and geodetic equipment
  including total stations, levels, laser scanners, 3D photogrammetric workstations and geodetic
  GNSS receivers

• Software knowledge includes AutoCAD, MATLAB, GeoLAB, Leica Geo-Office, Columbus Best Fit  
Computing, ArcGIS, PCI Geomatica, TerraSolid, ERDAS Imagine Photogrammetry

• Add depth by taking part in the co-op program or work with a faculty mentor doing research
Engineering design, prototyping and assembly skills through capstone project, with intro to
  business case plan development

• Opportunities to participate in courses offered by Osgoode Hall Law School (Intellectual Property
  and Patent Law) and Schulich School of Business (Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship)


• Social & communication skills gained through club membership and leadership opportunities
(Geomatics Club, Lassonde Engineering Society and more)
• Teamwork acumen gained through multiple collaborative activities, culminating in capstone project


First Year: 
• Chemistry & Material Science 
• Object-Oriented Programming 
• Engineering - Ethics, Communication & Problem-Solving 
• Engineering - Design Principles 
• Calculus 
• Algebra 
• Physics 
• Earth Environment 

Upper Year: 
• Computational Thinking through Mechatronics
• Engineering Projects: Management, Economics and Safety
• Fundamentals of Geomatics Engineering
• Fundamentals Surveying
• Advanced Field Surveys
• Global Geophysics and Geodesy
• Geodetic Concepts and Geodetic Surveys
• GIS and Spatial Analysis
• GIS and Data Integration
• Adjustment Calculus
• Analysis of Overdetermined Systems
• Global Positioning Systems
• Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
• Digital Image Processing for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
• Time Series and Spectral Analysis
• Physical and Space Geodesy
• Cadastral Surveys and Land Registration Systems
Digital Terrain Modelling
• Hydrography  

• General Engineering Surveying and Mapping
Geospatial 3D Mapping and Modelling
• Geodetic and Engineering Control Surveying
• Location-based Services
• Remote Sensing Specialist
• UAV Photogrammetrist
• Cadastral Land Surveyor
• Navigation Engineer
• Geomatics Engineer
• GIS Analyst
• Mobile Mapping Specialist
• Research and Development


 Tarasik McMilan Kubicki
 Toronto Hydro
Ministry of Transportation

Check out a sample first-year Engineering schedule

For more information on course descriptions and degree completion requirements, check out the Academic Calendar.

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